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Happy lawyers make more money. And broke lawyers don’t do anyone any good…least of all their clients, their family or themselves.

We are the leading, largest, biggest and best provider of outside Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services exclusively for the solo and small law firm (single-shareholder) market.

What is an “outside Managing Partner”? You know what an outside general counsel is, right? Same concept.Every law firm needs a managing partner in order to operate at its best. There is no law firm that doesn’t need a well-trained managing partner.
Creating a Successful Law Practice

The trouble for the owners of single-shareholder small law firms is that you can’t (shouldn’t) try to be your own managing partner. You shouldn’t (better not) try to get your spouse or significant other, to function as your managing partner. And you’d have to be a real idiot to try and get a member of your staff who depends on their salary, to be your managing partner because that’s almost as bad of an idea as asking your spouse or significant other to fill that role for your firm!

Seriously, if you’ve never experienced the confidence and clarity about your business and your future that comes from working with an experienced managing partner for your law firm…quite literally you just don’t know what you’ve been missing.

Watch some of our testimonials to see for yourself that our clients are raving fans:

They’re entrepreneurial, have above-average ambitions to build a successful law firm, they’re lawyers who believe in themselves enough to give themselves access to the best resources available and surround themselves with winner. And they are all people who have a sincere desire to discover the true limits of their potential.

If this seems like the sort of peer group you’d like to have please click on the appropriate link on the left to learn more and accept a different free gift with my compliments to help you with whichever of the 4 Stages of Growth your firm may be in today.

If you’d like to experience the difference that an experienced Managing Partner can make, to the way your law firm operates, please click on the appropriate link on the left to learn more.

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If you’re just getting your law firm started and you want to give yourself a huge head-start or your revenues have gotten stuck below $250,000 (gross) then we’re sure you’re a great lawyer but now please click the “Creating” link to learn how to create a more successful law practice;

If your firm’s revenues average between $20,000-$40,000 most months please click the “Upgrade” link to learn how a COO can help you go from having a successful law practice to enjoying a much more sustainable law firm business that doesn’t depend on so much of your “sweat” to keep it going every week.

If the firm’s revenues are below $80,000 in most months, but it grossed more than $500,000 last year… and you’re ready to learn more about how to break “The 7 Figure Barrier” please click the link called “Breaking The 7 Figure Barrier”, now.

And last but not least if you are the sole-shareholder of your own law firm with sustainable revenues ABOVE one million dollars and you are desperate to discover a peer group of ambitious, entrepreneurial lawyers who “get it” and who are NOT total assholes…we’re actually really cool people who think of ourselves more as entrepreneurs these days even than as lawyers…then please for your soul’s sake click on The Million Dollar Solo Lawyers link right now to learn more!

We help law firms of all sizes from lawyers starting a new law practice to attorneys grossing over 1 million a year and all levels in between. Having helped grow so many solo and small law offices by guiding, advising and educating in marketing, branding, business and marketing plans, management, financial and other aspects, we help you take a lot of the error out of trial and error. We get constant feedback from the 100+ law firms in our program about what marketing is working, and what they are doing to market is not working, thereby saving our members thousands of dollars a year in this area alone. Contact us today for a free consultation on whether our program is right for you.

Upgrading to a sustainable law firm business
Breaking the 7 Figure Barrier
The Million Dollar Solo Lawyer's Club